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Residential / Commercial / Industrial Clients

R.A. Duthler Land Surveyor offers competitive prices, a turnaround time of two weeks or less and a convenient downtown Imlay City location.

When you contact us, Rick will use your legal description to research our records. He will price your job, search at the Register of Deeds, complete the field work, and prepare drawings of your property.

What do I need to do next?
Fax a copy of your legal description to (810) 724-1551, or email the information to Also include your name, phone number, and a brief explanation of what you want to have done. Rick will call you with an estimate for your job.
ConEd, IllinoisRailroad & Power Line Corridors
R..A. Duthler Land Surveyor also specializes in Railroad and Power Line Boundary Surveys, Monument verification, Topographical Mapping, Construction Staking and Spur Design.

R. A. Duthler has found additional income for railroads by boundary surveying their right of way and finding encroachments, unaccounted for easements and extra property that may have been overlooked. We
prepare a set of maps including all survey information and any other information required by the client.

What do I need to do next?
Contact Rick at (810) 724-6532 or send an email to

Insturment & cowsLarge Scale Boundary Surveys
R. A. Duthler Land Surveyor is equipped to handle large scale boundary surveys (surveys of 500 acres or more and lineal surveys of 2 miles or more). These surveys are ideal for farmers, timber companies and owners of lineal strips of property such as transmission companies or railroads. We produce certified survey drawings and larger drawings for display. We set custom concrete monuments at the corners with the proprietor's name and customized aluminum or brass survey caps. We can also supply customized "Private Property" signs where requested.

Residential, Commercial, and Industrial services we offer:

• Boundary Surveys
GPS Consulting
Topographical Maps
Construction Staking
Wetlands Location
Environmental Surveys
Private and Public Roads
Site Plans
ALTA Surveys
Easement Surveys

Boundary Surveys and Right of
  Way Monumenting
Topographical Surveys
Construction Staking
Spur Design

Large scale boundary surveys:
• Custom concrete monuments
• Custom survey caps
• Custom "Private Property" signs
• Large drawing of property for

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Power Line Survey, Maryland



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